Log in to the mail - Kopeechka WebMail

Log in to the mail - Kopeechka WebMail

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We do not guarantee the validity of mail and the receipt of letters. The store is not responsible for the performance of the service.

The emails go in addition to Facebook accounts and there is no guarantee for them.

You can log in to the mail from your accounts through the service Kopeechka WebMail (clickable).
You can only receive an email from Facebook.


1. Go to Kopeechka WebMail (clickable).
Authorization opens.
2. Enter the email and password that come with the account. The email password is located after the account password.

login | password | email password | ID | ...

3. Click "Авторизоваться".

If login failed and a message appears: "Неправильный пароль или почта", then maybe there is a problem on the part of the service or there is no access to mail anymore.
4. We entered the mail. If the mailbox is active, as in the first screenshot, then you can accept the letter.

To update the mail, click on "Refresh".
5. After receiving the email, you can click on it to open the full version.
If you still have questions: Support Contacts (clickable).