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Proxy is one of the most important factors for proper operation. We recommend using only the IPv4 proxy of the country of account registration.

If you need a lot of proxies for each account, then proxies with payment for traffic are best suited. The most important thing is that the traffic flow can be adjusted manually, and the login to each account is obtained through an IPv4 proxy of the desired country. Another plus is that when working through automation services, traffic is practically not spent.

Budget option to start — astro
It is better to use these proxies than to work through IPv6 or a proxy of another country.
You can take a proxy for a specific country and reset the IP for each subsequent account.

The highest quality and proven, but already more expensive — soax
A whole package of traffic is bought on this service and you can take any countries in any quantities.
Perfect for serious work with accounts to get maximum quality.