Store Rules

Each situation is considered individually. There may be exceptions to the rules.
We recommend working with accounts through an anti-detection browser and a personal IPv4 proxy of the country of registration (more details below).

After purchase, check all accounts for validity by ID.
Facebook Account Checker - Instructions (clickable).


Terms and conditions that you agree to when purchasing:

1.0. The purchased product is subject to replacement only in case of its disability at the entrance (if the account is blocked or deleted).
The prohibition of advertising activities is a reason for replacement only if it was before the purchase.
The guarantee does not apply when adding accounts to automation services.
The warranty does not apply to email.

1.1. The goods purchased by mistake cannot be exchanged or returned. All accounts are sold only in one hand. Be careful when choosing.

1.2. A refund is possible only if it is not possible to replace the product with a similar one.

1.3. The response time of technical support takes up to 24 hours from the moment of the request (depends on the time of day).
On holidays and weekends, the waiting time may be extended.
A faster response can be received in the evening (by +3).

1.4. The use of obscene language can cause denial of service.

1.5. When buying in our store, you agree that you have fully read the detailed description of the product and these rules (subject to change without notice).


When working with accounts, it is prohibited:

2.0. Log in to accounts without a proxy and/or without an anti-detection browser.

2.1. Use your home static IP address, IPv6 proxy, as well as public, batch and shared proxies.
We recommend using only personal (individual) mobile or resident IPv4 proxies of the country of account registration.

2.2. Use any paid and free VPN services.
VPN services use public IP addresses that can be blacklisted and/or used by other people.

2.3. Use device emulators, virtual machines, VDS and VPS servers.
You can use accounts without a proxy and from any device, but in this case we may refuse to replace accounts or refund funds.


In accordance with the rules (at the time of purchase), the customer confirms that:

3.0. I have read the rules of the store and agree with them.
3.1. I read a detailed description of the accounts.
3.2. Has no claims against the store in case of violation of the rules for working with accounts.